Playlists by Mosh Boy

I carefully curate my playlists, drawing on my years of expertise in the genres I know best. Each week, I curate each playlist to keep things fresh and interesting. My choices are guided by intuition and the mood and feeling conveyed by each song, rather than relying on numbers and statistics. Whether the music is old or new is irrelevant to me, as long as it's good. That's why my playlists contain hidden gems, great newcomers, classics that have shaped the genre, and immortal youth anthems that you love to listen to again. The emotional impact of the playlist is the most important aspect for me, like a radio DJ in the good old days.

Declaration of Indie

Dive into our handpicked Indie Playlist, featuring a curated collection of gems, newcomers, and classics that define the genre. Perfect for discovering fresh sounds and revisiting timeless tracks, this weekly updated playlist is your gateway to the diverse and vibrant world of indie music.